Friday, June 24, 2011

Beethoven..The Original Rock Star

What I learned from Beethoven's piano sonata # 9, inspired me to compose some New Age piano music.

Would you believe that Beethoven used every day chords in the creation of his great musical compositions. His spiritual creativity and uncanny musical thought process has produced the most  profound music. 

At first blush Beethoven's music seems to be so complicated, but as in all true great art, it's the simplest of elements that are elevated to a state of perfection. This is a very important point of view I try to get across in all of my piano & voice lessons.

Looking at this sonata , I've  discovered he's only used 3 different chords to create such beautiful music.

Wait a minute! Isn't 3 chord music the holy grail -stop if you're not a member-God given sanctuary, of the rock star guitar player?
Apparently not! 

However that being said, one must note that it's the manner in which Beethoven makes love to his 3 chords, that separates a music genius, from a music star!

You can watch my video where I explain in detail what I learned from Beethoven's piano sonata #9.

Drawing inspiration from Beethoven's Piano Sonata #9.
I used the same chord progression that Beethoven used in this section of his piano sonata #9, for 
part of my New Age piano composition " Dream Harbour". 
You should be able to copy & enlarge this music I've posted below.

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