Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chi Guong for the Voice... an ancient Chinese secret/miracle

An easy way to increase your power, range & confidence.

Years ago when I was doing my concert tour “ A Tribute to the 
Nat King Cole Trio”,I used to run about 3-4 times a week, as a means 
to maintain and improve my singing.

I had to make every show the best show. My voice had to be in top 
form, because people were paying good money for their seats in those 
theatres, and i couldn’t afford to disappoint anyone.

Every successful singer knows that breathing is the single key to good 
singing and tone production. It’s one thing to master the mechanics of 
proper breathing techniques, but it’s a whole different ball game when 
it comes to your capacity to build power into your breathing apparatus... 
namely the heart, lungs & the overall energy level of our physical & 
spiritual being. Great singing happens when these entities are all 
operating at optimum levels.

Because our voices are instruments made up of our own physical bodies, 
it only stands that a body in good physical shape surely makes us better 
all around singers. A great singer is seen to perform effortlessly in a 
very relaxed state, with more than adequate breathe support for every 
single note. It’s that old equation that says, “flat breathe = flat notes!

As I was saying before,I was running 3-4 times a week to maintain my 
cardio, but during one  performing in particular I was shocked.

All of a sudden I found myself listening to myself as I sang. It was as 
if I had an out-of-body experience. I noticed that my body was very 
relaxed, my vocal chords resonated like fine seasoned wood. The 
sound just floated ,effortlessly from my mouth. It was clear and 
golden at the same time. I was in the moment!

After the show as I drove home, I wondered about this sudden change 
in my singing. I tried to figure out what brought about this miraculous 

It came to me. 

Earlier that day, about 4 hours before my concert I had done a Chi 
Quong exercise for the lungs.
Chi Quong is an ancient form of Chinese meditation, that energizes 
both the spirit and body.
This particular exercise is used to strengthen the lungs, hence it's 
called the lung form

I  was able to create the same  mental & physical results I usually  
get after heavy exercise, without exerting any energy whatsoever.
My lungs were expanded to a capacity greater than if I had run my 
usual 6 K marathon on a hot day. Your chest feels like a balloon 
ready to burst. You’re in a relaxed state of mind. You notice a definite 
change in your energy level.

This little Chi Quong exercise is a miracle for any singer looking to 
add power to their voice, and I’m going to show it to you now. It 
works for both skeptic & believer.

I add a  note of caution for those singers who don’t exercise regularly 
as part of their life style. I have always done some form of exercise, 
be it soccer, hockey, Tao Chi, Kung Fu, etc. all of my life. I don't do
this Chi Quong exercise at the expense of my regular  cardio fitness, 
however, adding Chi Quong to my cardio, has given me stunning 
results in my singing and that of my students

How effective this Chi Quong exercise will work for you on it’s own, 
without a cardio element, is something you will have to find out for 

I've made a video demonstrating how to do this particular form of Chi Quong..

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